Happy Pixels ❤️ charity

At Happy Pixels we believe profitable businesses of all shapes and sizes have a responsibility to help building a better world for everyone. Therefore, we have decided to donate a part of our revenue to charity every year. We encourage you to do the same!

What we give
As we are a relatively small business we will not be able to give the amounts of money you would expect from a larger company. But we aim to donate at least 1% - 5% of our income every month, although this may vary.

Who we donate to
Most of the charities we donate to are based in Sweden, just like us. However, donations to international organizations may occur. The organisations we've supported so far include:

How we know the charities are legitimate
Donating to a good cause isn't as simple as picking something that sounds neat and asking them to take your money. The organizations that will receive our donations must be regularly reviewed by independent, legitimate controllers. As a good rule of thumb, at least 75% of their incomes should go directly to their purpose.

Swedish organizations must have a valid 90-account (more information).
Any international organizations will be reviewed through any or all of the following controllers:

How you'll know we're legitimate
Of course, you are free to review us as well. All donation receipts are available upon request. Full transparency.